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 Over the coming weeks and months you will see many changes to the site. My plan is to have it more interactive in time, informative and more of a useful tool for the guitar playing public. My passion for music and guitars have never been questioned by anyone who knows me personally. I have spent most of my adult life, buying, collecting, repairing and studying guitars and amplifiers. Over 3 decades later, I am proud to say, I still live and breathe my passion with guitars, And the people who play them. Sandy and I still do performance shows as a duo act in venues around Florida, My passion for guitars and the people who play them is still uppermost in my mind. If your here on the website you must be a guitar player and we Welcome your presence, visit as much as you like and I sincerely hope you enjoy the site. I look forward to hearing all your comments, either by email or phone.
What we do:

We customize factory built guitars to our " Specific Model Specs" for performances. These guitars are generally new, with all new components modified for performance on stage. These may have upgraded bodies or necks to suit a playing style or tone.

We also offer Custom made-to-order guitars by design. This collaboration between you and our shop has made for some very interesting instruments that are definitely as one of a kind, as the individual placing the order. Please navigate through the web-site and explore our many options available to you. Once again, I am pleased you have taken your valued time to stop by and check us out. 

" Our New Paisley Finishes "
Are now Available
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"We Custom Build Bender Guitars"

They are available with
B or G 
Or with both B & G Benders
We also offer them with a Multitude of finish Colors
In Nitrocellulose or Urethane
 And also our new Paisley finishes
 In array of colors
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