Ralph & Sandy's Custom Shop

Home of the " Nations Finest Guitars"

Q. What's going on with the website ?
A. It's currently under construction, Much of the information on the website was outdated.

Q. When will the website be done?
A. Never ! We are constantly evolving with what we do and many new things are coming so keep abreast to see what's happening.

Q. What's with those crazy names of the colors on your Paisley finishes ?
A. We sit around on coffee break thinking up crazy names for our finishes because we want to be different.

Q. Why have our pictures been disappering ?
A. That's a good question. We made the mistake of staying with the same insurance carrier for 15 years and now we found out we could get our insurance much cheaper.

Q. What's that got to do with your pictures?
A. Oh.....Well I made the mistake of staying with Village photos for too long, only to find out they never do get their services fixed.

Q. I see you still have guitars listed on Ebay, Will that be a regular thing ?
A. Ebay still offers some advantages for some of our buyers and it is a window to our world But if you deal direct with us we will offer better discounts. 

Q. Can I order a Paisley finish in any color I want ? 
A. We have a great selection of colors right now and we are adding more weekly. If there is something you want other than what we offer, Yes we will try to accommodate you.

Q. If i want a Paisley finish and a B bender do I have to wait until my guitar is completed and then send it out to someone else for the bender ?
A. The short answer is no. We offer " Parson White Classic Benders installed right here. The great thing about that is, We can install the bender before doing the finish and you won't have to worry about you finished being damaged by some other shop.  Shipping your guitar around to different locations is always stressful, Not to mention you don't have the peace of mind of knowing who is actually working on your guitar.

Q. How long does it take to build my guitar ?
A. That is another good question that I cannot answer for you. Each and every guitar is different, Some things to consider is , what kind of finish, Is is lacquer of Urethane, Are we building a body, Are we building a neck ? I think your getting the idea here. Each guitar consists of several steps in the building process. One thing is for sure, I want your guitar right, because I want your continued business. Please allow us the time it takes to build your guitar the right way. If you need reassurance that the job is getting done, Call us, let's discuss it and get you some pictures of the process to put your mind at ease.

Q. How does the payment of the guitar work ?
A. We require 50% down of your guitars cost. The balance can be made in payments if you like or at the end of the contract. Once we agree on your guitar order, I will send you a contract with the details and you can sign it and include your payment on its return. 

Q. How do I pay for my guitar ?
A. We accept Money orders, Bank wire transfers and Certified bank checks ?

Q. Do you accept Paypal ?
A. Not on custom order guitars. In certain circumstances we can accept a down payment. If this is done, you will be responsible for all charges incurred through paypal.

Q. Can I return my Custom Order guitar?
A. No. Custom Order guitars are built to exact specifications. Your custom order is fully backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem ship the guitar back to me to have it corrected. If your out of the country and shipping is too expensive, I will work  with your repair shop for our approval and have your guitar repaired there.

Q. Is my deposit refundable ?
A. The short answer is no. Please make sure with your wife or girlfriend in advance that you are purchasing a One of a kind Custom built guitar to your specifications, and should you change your mind, your deposit will not be refunded.