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Customer designed

Here is an example of one customers vision brought to life by Ralph & Sandy's Custom Shop. The idea , can be born from a picture, customer drawn diagram, or a picture of a similar guitar. Some of the greatest ideas come from the melting pot created by the customer and our shop. Let's have a look !

With 30 years of refinishing experience...A JGA has become a very close friend. The pounding of a DeVilbiss compressor, and the sweet smell of sealers, are all part of the makeup of our shop. A proficent machinist, a fabricator, welder, and woodworker leaves us with NO limitations in the guitar field. From benders to fancy paintwork, watch out, we set the pace. The other guy...he is farming his work out, to who knows where. By the way.. Do you know where your guitar is today ?

Sean wanted a very special, signature sort of paintjob, this is what he came up with. Sifting through our photos on our web pages, he copied, then pasted the body into his paint program, altered the picture with a couple of different choices, then he presented these photos to us and we worked out the final finish.
We discussed his musical needs, and finally fixed on Lace sensors to provide his signature sound. While he was unsure they would do the trick, I personally use these pickups and knew they would provide the sound he was looking for !
After putting the guitar through its paces for a couple of days, here is what he had to say....

We started with a Alder core, Zebrawood topped body, sealed the wood, added the toner base and worked the paint job from there. This is tedious and time consuming work, with multiple colors and clearcoats ! This project turned out better, than even we expected. The guitar sports a V neck with abalone inlays, tinted vintage finish, locking tuners, dual switching with in and out of phase tones. A blender pot and the switching combined renders around 15 different sounds.

The Wilkinson steel block bridge, sports a drop in arm, vintage saddles, stagger drilled block for better string to saddle contact and spot on intonation.

A custom wiring circuit , driven by the sweet tones of 4 Lace sensors, with a 5 way switch, plus the added addition of a 3 way switch on the bridge pickup, and a Blender knob, gave our customer everything he was looking for and more, from single coil to humbucking , phased and out of phased tones. A multitude of sounds and colorations are possible !