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Custom designed guitars have been our specialty for many years. If you have taken the time to visit us here, you have most likely had your interest sparked by a guitar model that we have auctioned on Ebay. This is where your most creative side will come to life!
Have you envisioned the perfect guitar, the guitar in your head with the perfect combination of woods, neck shape, electronics and special finish ?

If you have followed my EBay auctions I am sure you have seen many of our different guitars, with special finishes, exotic woods, highly detailed necks, & pickup configurations that were not obtainable any other way, other than in a hand built guitar.
 Purchasing a mass produced guitar or even a CS model, will never get you the feel, look or the exact configuration that your looking for. Ralph and Sandy's Custom shop can make your perfect guitar a reality ! With your input.. and our skills we can create that 1 off Made-to-Order instrument that speaks to you, unveils your most creative side, fits you like your favorite jeans , plays like a dream, and sounds like heaven !

At this point you should take some time to decide what your needs are and how flexible your budget will be. Once you have these ideas fixed in your mind, its time to give us a call and discuss a plan to suit your needs. This will not obligate you to make a purchase . We can discuss the best possible plan for your situation and what exactly will fit your budget.
We have sold performance modified guitars from as little as $800.00 to $2500.00 and Custom built guitars to as much as $6000.00

Some of our guitars that we offer are not totally Custom built , they are factory built models that we have Performance modified or restored, right here in our shop.
These are based on tried and true designs , upgraded and modified for performance and represent the same "nothing needed" approach we take to all of our guitars ! These guitars represent an approach that will satisfy even the most demanding players or seasoned professionals. They will include top notch components, an array of special features from, body woods, and neck shapes, to premium hardware and controls, special wiring curcuits and our special neck treatments, including extreme fret detailing and machine polishing. These guitars also represent an extreme value, while maintaining the dedicated attention to detail you will not find anywhere else.

Our shop is completely tooled and provides a full range of repairs, modifications, restorations and as well as complete " Finishing services or Refinishing Services " in Urethane or the ever elusive "Nitrocellulose lacquer."

We also offer a complete range of Pre-Aged guitars. Our services on these guitars range from very lightly aged to heavily aged. These guitars are finished in TRUE Nitrocellulose lacquer. You will experience the tone that true Vintage thin Nitrocellulose has to offer. Factory finished guitars with Nitrocellulose are sealed with catalyzed undercoats. This undercoating system is used for production purposes and does not offer the same tones you will experience with a "TRUE Nitrocellulose finish to the wood". Our colors are custom blended giving you a wider range of sublties that you may prefer.
Hardware can be aged to any degree of specification, presenting you with an opportunity to arrive at the guitar of your choosing in closer detail. Special finishes with Dual colors, like a 2 tone burst with a Blue topcoat are also possible. Would you like to duplicate that prized guitar you now own ? Would you like to restore your precious friend to its previous original configuration?

We also offer a complete range of "Tried and True" models that you may have seen auctioned on EBay. Models like our "Satisfaction Telecasters, or No Mercy stratocasters & Tributes. These range from simple mods to dedicated upgrades that the stars themselves prefer, and will provide you with a look and feel that cannot be achieved any other way.

Previously auctioned guitars are available for viewing on other pages and Current EBay auctions as well. While all things are possible, this range of modified guitars represent a value in guitar buying that is second to none ! From their inception to final completion, attention to details, and our " obvious passions for guitars " will show through in the finished product.

If you have an idea in mind for the perfect guitar and have reached the point of collaborating on the idea, contact me at Ralph@ralphandsandyscustom.com

or call 813-715-9047




Our Made-to-Order guitars are the creation of 2 great minds collaborating to create that special instrument that you have envisioned ! Bringing your guitar to life, is possibly our biggest and most satisfying challenge.