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" New 7-Up Paisley Finish"

"The JUDGE Edition"


Seymour Duncan Tele Hot Neck pickup

Seymour Duncan Tapped Tele Bridge pickup

Reverse control plate

5 way switching

Series and Parallel modes

Vitamin Q Paper in Oil capacitor



No Load Tone control

Electro socket jack holder

Switchcraft jack

Premium CTS controls



Modern 6 Saddle Bridge

Modern 9.5 Inch Fretboard Radius

Jumbo frets

Highly Detailed fretwork with machine polishing

 Schaller Tuners

Straplock system

Case Included

The finish on our Paisley guitars are very labor intensive.

It is definitely a " Labor of Love"

This particular guitar has a Mint Green background under the Paisley

Our Paisley finish is protected with Top grade Automotive Urethane.

It has been detail sanded and buffed to a smooth gloss.

I offer a wide variety of colors and backgrounds as well.

Our performance modified guitars that we present to you for your consideration are a blend of only the best components, and options, that will deliver a wide variety of tones & playability that will satisfy the most demanding player or seasoned professional. Careful consideration of upgrades and attention to details, will assure that your playing experience will far exceed any purchase you could possibly make at your local mega store.

This unique one-of-a-kind telecaster is sure to delight your eyes, ears and fingers with its careful attention to detail, amazing set of upgrades, & 5 star setup, including Strobe tuning.

Our shop turns out many unique creations,

along with the complete array of services that we offer, (see our other auctions),

from simple repairs to in-depth restoration work and custom orders.


This Telecaster will satisfy all of your desires, and more,

thanks to a highly versatile Dual pickup and powerful player friendly Tone control layout that uses the pickup to maximum effect!

This beautiful guitar has been carefully thought out and lovingly restored from only the very finest genuine Fender USA components.

If you have any questions....... please do NOT hesitate to email ,or call me at the number listed below.


The foundation of this Telecaster is an Alder body. . Alder has been in use on Fenders line up since the 50s.

Its a very tight grained wood that seals well and accepts finishes very well. It has a medium warm tone.

Every guitar player from Albert Lee to Eric Clapton has an Alder bodied Fender in their gear lineup .

The " 7-Up JUDGE" weighs just over 7.12 pounds, making it very comfortable to play all night long !