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" New Belly Button Blue Paisley Finish"

"The JUDGE Edition"


Seymour Duncan Tele Hot Neck pickup

Seymour Duncan Tapped Tele Bridge pickup

5 way switching

Series and Parallel modes

No Load Tone control

Electro socket jack holder

Switchcraft jack

Premium CTS controls

Vintage box 3

                                            saddle bridge

Modern 9.5  ard Radius

Jumbo frets

Highly Detailed fretwork with machine polishing

 Schaller Tuners

Straplock system

Molded Case Included

Free Shipping Included

Here comes another unique and tasty Telecaster that has been recrafted from Ralph & Sandy's Custom Shop., It's part of our " JUDGE SERIES" it has been freshly upgraded with only the finest components, in a one of a kind offering with "Seymour Duncans Tapped tele TONE configuration". This brand new guitar has the best of, Fender USA, Seymour Duncan,CTS,CRL components in a configuration that is just as unique as the player who'll decide to purchase it this week. This Tele has so many features that it will take some time to show and describe everything you need to know.

And before going any further I must emphasize that this is an auction for the resale of a previously owned (but unused) guitar with changes and upgrades. I am sure that the good people of Fender Musical Instruments would want you to know that this guitar does not come with a warranty from Fender, since it is previously-owned (although unused) and has been "repaired" with an amazing set of upgrades.

This Telecaster is Fully Warranteed by my shop to the original purchaser for 2 years free of charge for parts and labor.

The JUDGE series of guitars represent a tremendous value, we have come up with a fresh line of components and configurations that should satisfy even the most "Tone Hungry" guitar players. From B to G benders, Nitrocellulose finishes, Urethane finishes 1 piece bodies and various tone woods, F hole thinline hollowbodies to new control systems and special paint schemes your likely to find something in the breed that will satisfy your needs. Each guitar is likely to be somewhat different than other guitars you have seen in the past.

Our listing today is most certainly a TONE monster with its Seymour Duncan tapped tele pickup system. It also sports our NEW Belly Button blue Paisley finish. I can do all sorts of colors in Paisley and without the huge wait that you may have heard about somewhere else. I will be listing many available colors and options for these finishes on my website. I am currently updating the website with many of our new options and ideas, Be sure to have a look you may see your dream guitar in the making.


Our New Paisley finishes are simply beautiful ! I have been developing our pattern for the last year and I belive that I have a the best Paisley finish to be had. There are many more finishes in the works and you will be seeing more of them as they are available. I have to say I worked hard to show you the shine on these finishes and my camera skills, have fell short doing that. The pictures do NOT do the finish justice ! But rest assured you will be very happy with what I have achieved with these finishes.

Now for some good news ! This Belly Button blue F hole model for October will be sold at discounted pricing, If you want a Paisley finished Telecaster, Grab one now as they will return to the regular pricing after the sale of the next two offerings.



This guitar is ready for immediate shipment today !

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way,

this is a really fine guitar for the player who is looking for quality, value,

and a Mountain of tone and playability.

There are alot of high resolution photos to load so please be patient and allow them to pop in to view.

I have covered many angles so you can completely familarize yourself with the guitar.

The finish on our Paisley guitars are very labor intensive.

It is definitely a " Labor of Love"

This particular guitar has a "Silver Metallic" background under the Paisley

Our Paisley finish is protected with Top grade Automotive Urethane used on only the Finest of Automobiles.

It has been detail sanded and buffed to a smooth gloss.

I offer a wide variety of colors and backgrounds as well.

Please keep track of my ME page and our Website for other wonderful colors and Options !




Our performance modified guitars that we present to you for your consideration are a blend of only the best components, and options, that will deliver a wide variety of tones & playability that will satisfy the most demanding player or seasoned professional. Careful consideration of upgrades and attention to details, will assure that your playing experience will far exceed any purchase you could possibly make at your local mega store.

This unique one-of-a-kind telecaster is sure to delight your eyes, ears and fingers with its careful attention to detail, amazing set of upgrades, & 5 star setup, including Strobe tuning.

Our shop turns out many unique creations,

along with the complete array of services that we offer, (see our other auctions),

from simple repairs to in-depth restoration work and custom orders.


This Telecaster will satisfy all of your desires, and more,

thanks to a highly versatile Dual pickup and powerful player friendly Tone control layout that uses the pickups to maximum effect!

This beautiful guitar has been carefully thought out and lovingly restored from only the very finest genuine Fender USA components.

If you have any questions....... please do NOT hesitate to email ,or call me at the number listed below.


The foundation of this Telecaster is an Custom Built Swamp Ash Hollowbody. . Ash has been in use on Fenders line up since the 50s.

This Swamp Ash hollowbody was built right here in my shop to our exacting specifacations for tone and weight !

It takes more labor and time to seal the Swamp ash body for our Paisley finish, But the tonal benefits are greater

The very best pieces are light and porus, They posess excellent tones and resonance

From Albert Lee to Brent Mason & Brad Paisley the choice of tonewood has been Swamp Ash


You may have noticed by now that I offer my Paisley finishes with a matching pickguard.

It's is indeed alot more work than simply Installing the cheaper acrylic guard, but I feel its a more Classic loo




The "Belly Button Blue JUDGE" weighs just 7.3 pounds, making it very comfortable to play all night long

Folks we are a Custom Shop

Because we are a Custom Shop we can say this....

If you just have to own this guitar... and it needs a alteration made, Email me let me know or call me

I will do the best, I can to accomodate your needs

Don't like the pickups ?

Don't like the Bridge?

Let me know, I will make the adjustments for you.

Try playing that Tune at your local Mega Center........What ?? I don't think so.

I don't have to check with the boss, I am the Boss.


Where else can you buy a Fender USA Tele:

with the Gorgeous 1 of a kind Paisley finish from Ralph and Sandy's Custom Shop ?

also with the one piece maple neck and jumbo frets ?

And a Micro tilt adjustment ?

and with the highly detailed fretwork ?

also with the superb Seymour Duncan Tapped Tele Pickups ?

And a Vitamin Q oil in paper capacitor ?

Also with a 5 way switching system for Series and Parallel Tones ?

also with the master volume/ No Load tone control combination?

with the hand wired premium control layout using vintage cloth wire, and the electro-socket?

also fully warranteed by my shop ?

This performance modified " Judge Tapped Tele Special Edition" telecaster from

Ralph & Sandy's Custom Shop has been upgraded with and amazing set of components.

This is the Only 1 like it in Existance, why not treat yourself to something special, & be the first on the block to own this ?

The products used in this restoration are from Fender, Vitamin Q , Switchcraft ,CTS, CRL & Ralph and Sandy's Custom Shop.

Our nothing needed approach will provide you with a Superb sounding and playing instrument

that is far superior to anything you will find in your local mega store.

Our pride and dedication to our craft , along with our attention to details is second to no one !

Don't forget to read our glowing feedback and feel confident in making your purchase.

If you have any questions concerning this auction or need assitance in any way feel free to contact me at the number listed below.

I spend all of my time customizing guitars for that special player, Is that you ? Are you ready to climb out of the box and go to the next level ?