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Critical care treatment

Our shop ranks the neck of your guitar as the most important componet on your guitar!

The sad truth is , a neck can make or break your guitar.
When you purchase your guitar, pull it from its shipping container or off the wall at your local mega center, you are all fired up and ready to play. The enivatable let down of a dead note, or worse yet that special tune that makes you sound your best, will not ring true on your new purchase. You now have reached the all time low that 99% of guitar players reach at one time or another.

Critical care issues are leveling, crowing, dressing & polishing.
Setup issues, like intonation, bridge radius, & neck relief are all parts of a great setup. Hardware issues like your saddles, intonation screws, adjusters and springs?

Our setups are simply put... more than a procedure. They consist of a logical setup, with measurements and clearances met first, wait times with simulated temperature and humidity changes are also performed, then we do a final players setup. A test for comfort , playability and actual performance up and down the neck,  from single note lead lines to octaves, inversions , double and triple stops, rapid fire chicken picking, and fingerstyle, you will be guaranteed your best playbility.

These services will cost.. more than 35-75 dollars, like the mega stores charge. You will not... be able to pick up your guitar that day...or the next morning, because that is not enough time to do a proper setup ! It makes me uneasy knowing that the person performing these services, is even attempting to do that within the confines of the noise that exists within the mega store walls. How can they possibly hear or concentrate with the walls coming down around them ?

Ask yourself how dedicated is that repair person, who arrives at noon, does not own the shop, all his tools are in a 9x16 drawer, and he can knock out your guitar for you while you wait.

Our shop is proud to say, we spend more time leveling, dressing and crowing your neck than anyone,including the manufactuer. Our complete system includes a machine polishing too. The very same machinery & techniques that your favorite guitar giant uses in their Custom shops on only their most expensive offerings. We feel you should get those critical services on all your guitars.  As part of our ongoing committment to excellence, your going to love your new neck.

Superb finishing services

Thinking of purchasing a new neck from a Custom builder?

You need to know that most of the botique builders do NOT offer rolled edges on their necks, the new fretwork has NOT been leveled, dressed, or crowned, also that elusive Nitrocellulose finish cannot be completed by their shop either.

Our shop is not a " Johnny come lately ", we have 34 years finishing expertise.
We don't farm out our painting or " work in concert with other shops " like other builders do, We are not going to WOW you with bloated statements like, the shop we use works for some of the biggest manufacturers in the world.
Personally, I would be more concerned about " my work being done," and who is doing it, rather than wondering where its being shuffled around to.

We care in our shop...We have to, Our name is on our work. We want you to be comfortable knowing that you spoke with the source, and we have the knowledge and equipment to complete the task.  The WOW factor is , Its important enough to us, to see it done right for you !
We have been using Nitrocellulose since the dawn of the paintgun, Not since the popularity of the spray can manufacturer.  No spray can stuff here ! We are proud to say, we still use some vendors from 30 years ago.

Do you want it done.............. Or do you want it done right?

When you speak with us your speaking with the source, the shop that will be performing the work.