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Triple pickup telecaster conversion




If you are a follower of our Ebay auctions, I am sure you have seen our  MasonTribute telecaster. Many people have requested that I offer this conversion, as a service so they can convert their own prized personal telecaster to our Superb Tribute specs. This auction is for that conversion service and  here is how it will work.
You ship me your favorite telecaster, and our shop will install and perform the listed componets and services on your guitar. Your going to love your converted guitar !

These services and componets will cover all the trouble areas of your guitar, neck cleaning, level and dress, machine polishing  and our professional setup will make your guitar play better than ever. The locking  tuners and bridge package, combined with our professional setup will provide you with spot on intonation and in tune playing up and down the neck, plus  stable tuning as well as easy string changes. Rapid fire chicken pickin, double stops, single note lead lines, and inversions will speak with a new tone and clarity you never before experienced or knew existed on your guitar ! The wiring circuit and pickup combinations will deliver a range of tones you could never experience with your 2 pickup telecaster ! Ultimately the guitar will perform studio quiet, with a range of tones and playability that is second to none ! 

Shipping to our shop is included from destinations within the United states, all others should email for a quote. You will be responsible for return shipment.

I am including some pictures of the conversion, on models we have already sold on Ebay. This does NOT include any painting or refinishing services ! This auction is for YOUR personal guitar to be converted to our listed specifications.

The service includes the following.

Disassembly of your guitar, & the necessary routing to install the new pickups , wiring and control circuit.

Installation of all the mentioned services and componets

Best possible dressing of your original frets and machine polishing the fingerboard and fretwork.

All NEW componets and wiring ( circuits)

Complete assembly, professional 5 star setup , new strings, balance test, pickup adjustment and detailed diagram of switching & functions of your guitar.

The componets

Sperzel professional locking tuners

Gibson mini humbucking neck pickup, or equivalent at the time of installation

Installation of the neck pickup mounted in the body cavity or pickguard is your choice, at no extra charge

Seymour Duncan, Hot stack for stratocaster, middle pickup with proprietary controls

Seymour Duncan, Vintage lead stack , bridge position.

New, custom cut pickguard , with shielding

Complete cavity shielding, with cavity grounds back to pots

New, CTS controls pots, Push pull pot,  new Switchcraft output jack, & electrosocket.

3 Knob control plate- conversion design, completed on your existing control plate ( unless otherwise needed)

New, paper in oil, Hovland or Vitamin Q tone capacitor ( No extra charge)

6 Saddle open sided bridge, ( If required) AD models ( not required) , for best possible intonation.


Here are a some pictures of previous guitars that we have sold on Ebay with our Tribute system included.

Please read our feedback, and  you will see we love to make our customers happy.

Here is what one customer had to say on his purchase of our Tribute telecaster.

Hi Mr. McCarthy,
Fat Bob is here, safe and sound. Talk about KILLER BLUES TONE! I love it! I left feedback for you already as well. I'm working on figuring out the switches and knobs, not to complicated, I'll get it. I can't believe the range of tones.When you said you could step outside the box from a traditional tele, you meant step out clean to another state or two! Thanks for the strings and all the other extras, that was really nice. I have a Fender Blues Deville Reissue and along with the TS9 Tube Screamer......WOW!! Sustain for days and low down dirty, gritty blues. Just the way I like it. I'll stay in touch from time to time. Thanks again for everything.



Here the neck pickup is installed in the body cavity free from the pickguard. This installation includes the original Gibson mounting ring.

Please read the terms carefully, I am available to answer questions, or concerns should you have any. You can email us for more information about this auction or feel free to call


Are you ready to step out of the box and go to the next level ?

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